Edmund Tay

Issue 04 – April 2019


Insights Newsletter


Art Direction

Graphic Design



Edmund Tay

Eden Wei

Nick Xu

Beryl Zheng

A team of 2 managed, designed, illustrated and edited PepsiCo Greater China’s first Insights Newsletter in collaboration with PepsiCo’s Insights team.

The Insight Newsletter is a monthly editorial project that focuses on the latest trends and insights that we have collected then designed and edited to make it a digestible and visually pleasing content.

The team usually comprise of 1 designer together with Insight team's representative to put the first draft together. My role is to lead the overall direction of each issue together with my partner Eden and occasionally get helping hands from other designers to contribute in design and illustration.

Illustration by Beryl Zheng and Eden Wei

Illustration by Eden Wei

Illustration by Eden Wei

We made a total of 12 issues and successfully made something that is usually hard to digest into something exciting and intriguing for internal staff to latch on to further fuel their work within PepsiCo.






Illustration by Nick Xu

Illustration by Nick Xu

Big shout-out to Eden, Beryl and Nick for being extremely fun project partners.