Edmund Tay




Art Direction

Graphic Design



Ron Yee

UK1 KEI2 is a designer’s furniture and interior start-up based out of Guangzhou. UK1 KEI2 is the Cantonese word for 'home' and it is catered for the growing affluent middle-class in Guangzhou. Although we see a lot of stores like these in cities like Shanghai or Beijing, it is still a rarity in the founder’s hometown in Guangzhou.

We were commissioned to design and build an identity for the brand that speaks of high-quality with a sprinkle of fun that attracts the right demographic.

UK1 KEI2 wants to focus on what’s inside your home rather than the house itself. It is about filling in the goodness of life through well-designed and meticulously curated products that add an extra dimension and value to your home. UK1 KEI2's role is to guide you through extrapolating your personality and expressed it through well-designed products. They guide, frame, and suggest things that inspire you to be even more, you. 

A selection of images from a simple guidebook that was provided to the client to further expand the brand assets.

UK1 KEI2 wants to express a cozy home but not a claustrophobic one. Every item is there for a reason be it functional or a mood lifter but all in all, UK1KEI2 is personal and unique to the person.

Designed with Ron Yee and guidance from Trace Wat