Edmund Tay





Retail Experience


In 2018, I was apart of the world's 2nd largest consumer technology brand in the world. Huawei brought me in to be apart of their in-house creative hub where we focus on bridging marketing and creativity under a single roof. My main task is to understand and align multiple stakeholders to create compelling brand and marketing campaigns that fit a myriad of mediums.

I was one of the co-creative directors leading a small team to execute multiple projects within Huawei's product ecosystem for global adaptations. I was also one of the key managers that help shape the expansion of our creative hub into APAC regions with the main base in Bangkok to serve our key markets in South East Asia.

Below are a few key projects I was involved in.




I was under the leadership of Desmond Lam, the Director of Retail Experience in managing and conducting the design thinking behind the build of Huawei’s first ever global flagship store in Shenzhen by great partners from Saguez & Partners. This store sets the benchmark of our stores globally and becomes the platform for Huawei’s newest and latest innovations to shine. My role was to manage the project together with Desmond and our architect partners to bring this to life. Countless discussions on how to make this an icon in Shenzhen and a space where consumers can experience Huawei beyond its products.

Architect: Saguez & Partners


BEWE is a brand new division where I was apart of where we are establishing ourselves as an in-house creative hub within Huawei HQ. The primary mission of BEWE is to strike consistencies throughout our marketing communications by setting up a solid foundation on how we envision our brand and clarify who and why we do what we do as a unified Huawei.

My primary role is to set the tone of the brand starting with the logo and wrote the original manifesto that clearly explains why we exist and how we can be a crucial tool that aligns multiple stakeholders into a unified front.


I was tasked to go to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to manage and creative direct the launch campaign for Nova 3 (mid-tier Huawei phone). I was working closely with the local marketing team and in constant communication with headquarters in Shenzhen in making sure we strike an absolute consistency with a local flair. I was involved throughout from storyboarding with the director, casting, fitting, dance rehearsal and to the actual production of the commercials.

Chief Creative Director: Perry Cheung

Malaysia Nova 3 launch video

Thailand Nova 3 launch video

Vietnam Nova 3 launch video


We asked ourself how we can take the ‘P' series of Huawei’s mobile phone identity forward. From our research, we realise that there is an increasing group of people who shines not with just a single facet of thing they do, but by the sum of all the different angles of life they live. They represent the increasing number of youth today who switch back and forth between other modalities of fulfilment for a sense of well-being. The 'P’ series is smartphone photography and video reimagined. It represents the new-age creators that we see more and more today. It enables our target consumers to create and express flawlessly on all mediums, anytime, anywhere.